A challenging course that will equip you with the planning skills to carry out internal audits and deliver accurate, defendable and value adding audit reports. This course has a strong process and continual improvement bias, suitable for those of you who are interested in auditing to establish the overall capability of the management system to sustain and improve its performance

The course is accredited from CIOE-CANADA (Canadian Institute of Organizational Excellence).

Course Outline

  • The Principles of Quality Management

  • Plan – Do – Check – Act methodology.

  • The ISO 9000 series and ISO 9001 requirements.

  • Audit planning, including the construction and use of checklists.

  • Performing the audit, including conducting interviews and following document trails, process auditing and procedural auditing.

  • Audit report writing and feedback techniques.

  • Following up the results of audits and how results should be used to drive continual improvement.